Things to consider while planning for a staycation in Naivasha

Planning and executing a successful staycation depends on several factors. Budget accommodation in Naivasha is one of the key reasons that hotels and other lodging options get fully booked whenever a holiday is in the vicinity. 

Many hotels in Naivasha are suitable for an excellent staycation, but having the perfect experience is more than just securing good accommodation. What are the main things to consider when planning the absolute faultless staycation?



A close-to-home trip, unlike a holiday abroad, does not have to be expensive. If money is tight, try some of the free activities available in and around town. Take a trek, wander through a park, or simply enjoy the sights of the town.

Having a budget alone isn’t it, what will deem your staycation successful however is sticking to it.  Working within your budget ensures you won’t have a debt to clear immediately after treating yourself.


Figure out what you want to do

Before starting your staycation, have a clear list of all the activities you might want to do. Be it hiking, camping, swimming or sightseeing planning in advance ensures you get the most out of your staycation. Doing so massively cuts the amount of time spent making decisions during your holiday.

Camping in Naivasha is one the most common activities done by tourists. You can find ways to include it in your staycation plan.


Research your accommodations

Having a proper check with regards to accommodation is utterly important. It should therefore be granted all the time and effort it deserves. This is because your accommodation is where you will lay down after a busy day exploring. You also need the perfect spot to wake up and look forward to your day’s events.

Finding Budget accommodation in Naivasha should be on top of your priority to save as much as possible.


The number of people going on the Staycation

The more the merrier. Tagging along with your mates or family makes a staycation way better. On the flipside, who you tag along with determines a lot of factors including the budget, your activities and even the choice of accommodation. It is always advisable to put the number of people going on vacations in your plan


Should budget accommodation in Naivasha be your baseline, perhaps you should consider staying in a cottage. This is because self-catering cottages in Naivasha provides a sense of privacy and tranquility amid nature. 

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